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Combination of quality products and health concept to lead the development of the industry


At will in 2012 March 22 to 24, organized by the China International Health Products Exhibition (Healthplex Expo 2012), and sponsored by the Chinese medicines and health products import and Export Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Development Bureau will jointly many domestic and foreign brands, display enterprises with high quality products and services to the public health social image, promote the health knowledge and health culture together to create a trade and social significance of both the exhibition, guiding the healthy development of the industry.

The first international trade platform to build a healthy product brand

The exhibition invited domestic and international well-known health products enterprises, professional procurement agencies, is committed to build health products in the first international trade platform for both sides, to achieve maximum business interests.

Strongest overseas support team, the international exhibitors over four into

Show self do since, I in Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia countries Embassy Economic and Commercial Counsellor's office of the support, in the worldwide promotion of the exhibition. The concept of the exhibition, the strength of the organizers have been recognized by many domestic and foreign industry organizations, dozens of foreign industry providers (HS) will join this exhibition, the organization of local enterprises and industry participants to participate.

As of the end of November 2011, the show has been signing international exhibitors accounted for 40% of the total exhibitors, this proportion has similar domestic crown. Exhibitors from Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other developed areas in the health care industry and China's health products import and export trade mainly market, which Singapore, India, Taiwan, the enterprise will in the form of exhibition pavilions showcase.

The famous old brand enterprise participating in a gathering of many people,

Renowned at home and abroad, has a solid market position of medicine and health care products companies such as Shandong dong-e E-Jiao, Tasly, xianzhilou, Darren, Shineway, leading domestic home health care appliance brand Fuzhou Jiawei electronic, Shenzhen easily, should St., andon etc. have set up special decoration booth.

Tongrentang carrying the flag of 10 enterprises collective exhibition, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group to bring subordinate enterprises more than 20 show the group of "big health together, big enterprise, big brand" image. North south of the two big Chinese medicine, health care products giant group to participate in the name of the group, the lineup of luxury, in the same exhibition, it is the first time.

Export quality products collection, rich domestic market choice

Medical insurance in China, Shanghai medical insurance, Qingdao, Gansu MEHECO and other domestic medicines and health products import and export leading enterprise group, for many years engaged in medicines and health products in international trade, strength, export product quality reputation in the international market, and to take advantage of the superior resources introduced a large amount of foreign high-quality products. These enterprises in the exhibition will be the quality of the export products and high quality of high-end imported health products show in front of the people, rich consumer choice. New product launches, product promotion, technology promotion and other activities, but also to the forefront of the market and products, the latest situation in the industry, for the market to bring new varieties and research and development ideas.

Carry forward the culture of health and the spread of large health concept

Health care products industry will gradually enter the standardized operation stage, but the current domestic health care products market still exist stagger of enterprise scale, products of good and bad, blind people health status. Health Insurance Association has been committed to coordinate the medical and health care products for the healthy development of the industry, this is the opportunity for the healthy development, to break through the traditional concept of exhibition, in attention to build health products in the domestic and foreign trade platform, and at the same time, promote the health culture, spread the concept of health. Healthy development will focus display, promotion, product quality, set up the health care products industry a positive public image, guiding the healthy development of the industry; on the other hand, through organizing health lecture, Tongrentang national name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine on-site consultation and other activities to promote the culture of health, consumer guide rational health, spread the concept of health.

Exhibition will be through natural medicine, food, health care appliance, therapy zoning presentation, try to provide one-stop service, spread the correct concept of health care, public health services, social benefit maximization, China International Health Products Exhibition will be built into a positive social significance of the event.