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Privacy policy

Protect the privacy of customers and visitors and protect their personal and financial information security is one of our primary responsibility. This privacy statement explains Luyao electronics is how to collect and protect your information. Here the meaning of "Luyao Electronics" includes Luyao electronics all of its companies and departments, including the

According to the privacy statement. Once you in Luyao electronic account or use our website, you agree to Luyao electronics according to the privacy agreement content collection and use of your personal information.

Personal information collection

We have direct access to your personal information from you directly or through your relationship with us. Luyao electronics may from you to collect the information application in confirmation of your identity and contact information, open your trading account, you set up trading account and password, maintain your account activity, for account related information and contact you, or other reasons. This information can also help us to improve the quality of service, provide personalized browsing experience, and to convey to you other products, services, and other information that you may be interested in.

Most of the information we have received from you directly, including your name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail and other contact information. In addition, we also in accordance with the provisions of the law collected can identify your identity information, including: your social security number, passport or tax ID number. We also collect your personal background information, including gender, date of birth, education level and employment status. Our regulators also require us to evaluate your trading experience, annual gross income, net worth, and the risk of a risk of capital, through all of this information to assess your financial situation.

You would like us to provide such information by way of submitting an application for opening an account and the relevant documents, sending us an email, or submitting information to us for a special offer.

The information we collect from you in an indirect way includes: your IP address, browser type, operating system, network provider, server clock, and transaction log.

If you cancel the account, Luyao Electronics will retain your information, but only in compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as in regular contact with you and provide re opened account opportunities or in other promotions will be used.


We use cookies and web beacons for said network behavior labels or single pixel GIF), and other technology (collectively known as the cookie), available data to improve your user experience and help us better to understand you. Cookie is a small text file that is sent out by the web server and may be saved on your computer. With the cookies we can understand you visit our website, visit the website of the time, visit the page, and when we from your web browser receives a page access request recognition you have logged in. We may be keeping the information in the Cookie to point to your personal identification information on our website. We will never reveal this information to any third party. Cookie can read and do not contain any personal information, nor any account or password information. We can't also don't want to collect information about you on other web sites.

We may be in the Internet advertising positioning for the purpose, with a good reputation of the advertising companies to share the user access to our website information. The information that is shared is not used for personal identification. We may also use third party software to track and analyze access and traffic data, including page requests, table request and click on the path, such tracking may represent Luyao electronics set cookies.

All web browsers allow you to set the stop cookie. If your web browser is set to allow Cookie, you agree with us in the above way using Cookie. If you choose to block Cookie, you can still use our services, but some features may not be run in the original design.

Share personal information with affiliates and partners Luyao Electronics

Except for the following situations, Luyao electronics shall not for any reason to sell, license, rental or disclose your personal information to any subsidiary or third party:

If you to provide your request for access to the product or service, or to provide you with the products or service provided by our affiliates the opportunity, need to use your personal information, Luyao electronics can and its affiliated institutions share the information.

In order to improve the quality of service, we may employ other companies responsible for the certain internal affairs such as account processing, executive, customer service, customer satisfaction surveys, or other and our business related data collection. We can also put database of customer information provided to a non affiliated third party, including your name, address, phone number, email, to help our analysis and clear customer demand and inform the product and service information, or perform a general market wide push and market research.

Lu Yao also electronic and non affiliated third party cooperation, to provide high quality products and services of value for our customer service. To ensure that such products and services to meet your needs, and through effective and appropriate way to provide, Luyao electronics may with these non affiliated third parties share a portion of your personal information.

For those with Lu Yao share your non disclosure of personal information of all non affiliated third parties, we will ask them to agree to your information confidential and used only for limited, and Lu Yao cooperation purposes, or for compliance with the law. In addition, when the non affiliated third direction of your product or service, we usually require them to disclose the product service extension is due to the relationship between you and Lu Yao. We also strive to ensure that these non affiliated third parties to implement the appropriate data security measures to ensure that the situation does not appear in the absence of a permit, the use of your personal information.

The legal requirement to the regulators and law enforcement agencies or other government agencies to provide related information, Luyao electronics retained to provide your personal information to third party rights. In addition, we may also disclose your information to the credit audit or collection of Proxy Companies, or to protect our rights or property.

At any time if you choose to buy another company's products or services, such as by click Luyao electronics owned or controlled site advertising, you and the company share personal information will no longer be the constraints of our privacy statement. We do not control the privacy policy or content of the linked sites, and can not control the use of information provided by you or the web sites and protect them. At any time when you choose to link to a joint website or to access a link site, you may be required to provide registration or other information. Please note that the information you provide will be submitted to the third party, and you must first be familiar with the third party's privacy policy.

The security of personal information

We use the network security software, systems and procedures, and strive to provide you with a safe trading environment, to protect your personal, financial and trading information.

When you open an account with us, you will receive a unique account number, user name and password. Only a small part due to the need to learn some of the information you Lu Yao staff know your account number, user name and password. Please remember: responsible for maintaining your account information such as account number, user name and password security is the primary responsibility of your own. We strongly advise you not to disclose this information to any other person.

Our web site and the online account page using encryption technology to protect our between you and the transmission of information, and the use of TM VeriSign certificate to authenticate our website, guarantee the safety trading and apply online customers, help you to identify whether the connection is our website.

Change and exit from the privacy statement

Once Luyao electronics substantive change this privacy statement, the revised privacy statement to be immediately posted to the site. By opening an account with us, you agree to the publication of the website on the amendment of the privacy statement to the electronic notice that is the actual notice.

In some cases, such as we share your personal information with non affiliated third party, you can contact us through the following contact, to inform us that you wish to "exit"". For a joint account, the withdrawal of an account holder may be applied to all holders of the joint account. If you have multiple accounts in Lu Yao, is required for each individual account submit request to exit.

Any dispute arising from privacy statement must take this notice and Luyao electronic customer agreement guidelines. Please contact our customer service representatives if you have any other questions that are not mentioned in this statement.